Types of Braces in Coral Springs

Parkland Orthodontics provides an array of braces in Coral Springs.  We know that due to the industry and ongoing new technology, it can at times, become overwhelming.

Therefore, we wanted to provide an explanation to better help you choose what would best fit your orthodontic needs.

Traditional Metal Braces

Types of Braces in Coral Springs

Traditional metal braces are the most recognizable.  If you are a parent – you probably had to wear them or had a friend that wore them during your junior high or high school years.  Metal braces are definitely the most common. They are made of high-grade stainless steel and straighten your teeth by utilizing metal brackets and arch wires.  Parkland Orthodontics has an array of options for adding color to your smile with different colored rubber bands/elastics.


Clear (Ceramic) Braces

Types of Braces in Coral Springs Florida

Chances are you have known someone with clear braces too!  We usually recommend these for older teens or adults who have cosmetic concerns and don’t want their braces to be as visible when they smile.  You do need to take care of ceramic braces – they require more attention to your oral hygiene and are more brittle than metal braces.





Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners, known to many as “Invisalign”, are a series of removable trays that are nearly invisible, removable, and comfortable.  Clear aligners straighten your teeth and due to them being removable, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment. They also allow for brushing and flossing which are less of a hassle with aligners when they are removable versus metal braces.

Damon Braces

Damon Braces, otherwise known as self-ligating dental braces, straighten your teeth and eliminate the need for elastic or metal ties.  Damon Braces are unique in the fact that they utilize a permanent, moveable slide component which holds the arch-wire in place, allowing the teeth to move.  This innovative system is fairly new and probably not a common household name just yet. However, at Parkland Orthodontics, we provide Damon braces and they require fewer adjustments, allow your teeth to move faster than the traditional braces and are even available in clear brackets!    Due to the nature of the Damon braces, there is very little discomfort with low force and low friction.

Types of Braces in Coral Springs

If you are thinking about Braces and are in the Coral Spring area, please give us a call. We offer complimentary consultations and will go over the treatment that fits your style and budget!