Teeth Whitening Coral Springs, Parkland Orthodontics

Teeth Whitening, Isn’t it great when your pearly whites look… well, pearly white? It’s been a longtime trend for people to get their teeth whitened – to make them look cleaner and brighter. Crazy fact: This has been around since ancient times…Ancient Romans used a mixture of urine and goat’s milk to make teeth look whiter! Hard to believe huh?!?

In the modern era, we use naturally occurring chemical agents like hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to help clean teeth and make them look whiter. Hydrogen Peroxide, of course, is used as the active whitening ingredient in toothpaste marketed for such use. It acts as an oxidizing agent that interacts with the molecules staining the teeth and lightens them.

Teeth Whitening Coral Springs

And, while there are several over-over-the-counter, “at-home” teeth whitening kits available on the market, it is highly recommended that you consult a dental professional – specifically your orthodontist – to make sure that a whitening treatment is truly successful.

Parkland Orthodontics can help! They are able to provide the proper recommendations regarding teeth whitening products to patients who are interested in getting sparkling, pearly whites.

That is where Parkland Orthodontics comes in. They are able to provide the necessary recommendations regarding teeth whitening products and services to patients who are interested in seeing what it can do for their overall oral health.

The professionals at Parkland Orthodontics can help patients correctly diagnose the type, intensity, and location of the tooth discoloration. They can also assist in determining the amount of time the teeth need to be exposed to the bleaching compound as well as the concentration (strength) of the compound itself.

Without knowing these factors, you could easily purchase a whitening kit that may not provide the desired effect. The discoloration might still be visible, or you could wind up having teeth so white they work better as air traffic control lights.
Teeth Whitening Parkland Orthodontics
To avoid getting it wrong, make sure to consult Parkland Orthodontics for all of your questions and concerns regarding the purchase, use, and application of a teeth whitening kit.