Pediatric Orthodontics

 “Why is pediatric orthodontics even a thing? It’s teenagers who need braces to make their smiles prettier… right?!?”
Well, no that’s actually not completely accurate. You see, pediatric orthodontics is incredibly necessary to evaluate growth patterns as well as to help ensure that the permanent teeth have enough room to erupt.
Pediatric Orthodontics
In many cases, most orthodontists don’t see pediatric patients until the age of eleven (11) years old; that could be four years too late to properly assess how the teeth are erupting and how the jaws are developing.
Just because a child has a beautiful smile doesn’t mean they should not be evaluated by a pediatric orthodontist; orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth. A pediatric orthodontist will diagnose any crowding or malocclusion.
There are a few tips to remember when trying to take care of your child’s oral health needs. First, make sure your child gets in before the age of eleven; seven is optimum.
Pediatric Orthodontics Coral Springs
At Parkland Orthodontics, we are happy to see your child and give our honest recommendations. Often times, no treatment will be required and we will place you child into a recall program, where we monitor their growth and development. We treat our patients like family cant wait to welcome you into the Parkland Orthodontic family.
Consider all of these tips, and you’ll be able to give your child(ren) something better than just a pretty smile. To stay connected with us follow us on Facebook