Plastic Tray Braces

Plastic tray braces? So your dentist recommended that you see an orthodontist to help you correct some oral health concerns… words were said… talk of braces abounded.  Wait… did someone say something about a spacer or retainer?!?

You hope to God that wasn’t the conversation, but you’re left wondering:  why should I go to an orthodontist when I can go to one of those networked designer plastic tray braces companies I see online and save myself the visit?

plastic tray braces

The truth is, if you’re in need of oral healthcare that your dentist cannot readily provide, going to see an orthodontist is by far the best thing you could do for yourself.  Sure, contacting one of those online companies with the invisible plastic braces seems convenient, but what’s the cost.

No, we’re not talking about the financial expense, we’re talking about the health cost.  Those online clubs or networks are professional, but when it comes to your oral health, they’re professional in the same way a little league team is considered professional to the MLB.

Failing to see an actual orthodontist after its been recommended by your dentist can leave you spending more money on a service you may not need.  The plastic tray braces might be sent out longer than you need to be using them.

On top of that, you miss out on having an actual doctor fully assessing your oral health needs.  That’s like trying to install drywall in your house on your own without consulting a licensed contractor.

plastic tray braces cost

Convenience is the short game; it’s always better to play the long game… especially when it comes to your oral health.  Don’t lose out on finding out how to make your teeth and your mouth shine brighter just because you think there’s a stigma about going to see an orthodontist.

If you have questions about the services you can receive from a trained and licensed orthodontist, contact Parkland Orthodontics for more information.  We’re here to make that smile shine!

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