Dentist Recommended Orthodontist

Dentist Recommended Orthodontist, Has your dentist recommended that you see an orthodontist?  Are you looking for a solid orthodontics office?  Are you living in Parkland, FL?  Then Parkland Orthodontics is the office for you!!!

Parkland Orthodontics is a top-level orthodontics office run by Dr. Tania Saint Amand.  Dr. Saint Amand is board-certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.  She specializes in all areas of orthodontic practice and she works with both adult and child patients.

Parkland Orthodontics and the office’s staff are experts in all things related to oral health, especially when it comes to realignment.  Don’t fear that dreaded “B” word; with Parkland Orthodontics, braces aren’t at all terrifying.

dentist recommended adult orthodontist


With expert advice and a user-friendly FAQ page on its website, Parkland Orthodontics sit on the leading edge of braces technology.  They are familiar with the Damon Braces System, traditional braces, clear and ceramic braces, as well as the increasingly popular Invisalign system.


And not only does Parkland Orthodontics had an incredibly user-friendly FAQ page on their website, they also provide additional patient resources.  Along with the simple-to-use contact page – which provides all of the methods for contacting the Parkland Orthodontics office – the website also includes a registration page and an informed consent page.


dentist recommended kids orthodontist


The registration informed consent pages are the perfect resources for any and every new patient Parkland Orthodontics receives.  Parkland Orthodontics new patients are able to register their patient information and sign the consent form with the office from the comfort of their home so that they can save time filling out the tedious paperwork in the waiting room.

Given their patient-centric focus, is there any wonder why you should go to Parkland Orthodontics for your oral health needs? No other orthodontics office can match the level of service that patients are going to find when they come in for an appointment with Parkland Orthodontics and the oral health expertise of Dr. Tania Saint Amand.

That’s something to smile about!!!