Margate Florida Orthodontist

If you’re in the greater Margate area and you’re in need of a good orthodontist – either because you’re moving into the area and need to continue your orthodontic treatment or because your dentist has just recommended seeing one to begin improving your oral health – there are plenty of orthodontics offices to choose from.

Margate Florida Orthodontist

Now if you’re in the second half of the group mentioned earlier, that your dentist is recommending you see an orthodontist for the first time, it’s suggested that you check out the recommendation that your dentist gives you.

However, you can always do research all of the orthodontics options available to you. But of all of the orthodontics offices near Margate, the best office is by far going to be Parkland Orthodontics owned and operated by Dr. Tania Saint Amand.


Dr. Tania carries a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from the University of Pittsburg School of Dental Medicine. Her offices specializes in a variety of cosmetic orthodontic techniques, including the application of braces.

Speaking of braces, Parkland Orthodontics works with four specific braces systems as listed on their website. Those systems include the traditional style of braces, complete with the metal wires and brackets. They also focus on clear/ceramic braces which don’t require as many visits to the orthodontist.


Margate Florida Orthodontist Near Me

They also specialize in the Damon system which looks very similar to traditional braces – all metal wires and brackets – but they are self-adjusting and don’t require any check-ins with the orthodontist. Lastly they specialize in Invisalign, one of the newest and most popular braces systems in the last decade.


Regardless of your reasons for needing an orthodontist, make sure that you visit Dr. Tania and Parkland Orthodontics. If you need additional information, make sure to check out Parkland Ortho’s official website – – which has an entire patient resource section complete with frequently asked questions (FAQs), and online registration and informed consent forms.

With Parkland Orthodontics, you’ll find yourself smiling going into your first visit before you even see Dr. Tania.