Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry , Many people don’t really think of getting braces as a form of cosmetic dentistry; most consider having to get braces a pain in the teeth… what? Thought the pain might be somewhere else? No way… because we’re talking about oral health here, specifically the cosmetic benefits of getting braces.
Cosmetic dentistry is the description used when orthodontists use every trick of the trade and every tool at their disposal to ensure their patients wind up with an esthetically pleasing smile.
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There are a few different options available for patients considering getting braces – whether they feel they need them or because it comes at the recommendation of a dentist or orthodontist. Of the many varieties, there are three that currently stand out. Traditional braces, Self-ligating braces (i.e the Damon system), and Invisalign (or another brand of clear aligner therapy).
Traditional braces come in two forms: metal or ceramic/clear braces. The system is a well- known combination of brackets and wires coupled with the use of elastic O-rings/rubber bands. The benefit of the ceramic or clear brackets is that they are not as visible on the teeth as the metal brackets.
Invisalign – as the name suggests – is an invisible or near-invisible series of plastic trays used to align the teeth. They are removable, meaning you can eat and drink all of the foods and beverages you were eating and drinking before getting braces.
Lastly, there is the Damon Braces system, which has the look and feel of traditional braces. The system uses less friction than traditional braces, which means the teeth move more efficiently and with less discomfort.
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It’s important to review all of the information before making a decision; for more information, please contact Parkland Orthodontics about any frequently asked questions you might have regarding getting braces, the cost, and how such cosmetic dentistry will improve your overall oral health.