Coral Springs Invisalign Options

Residents of Coral Spring might be like the rest of the world, confused when it comes to Invisalign and similar DIY services seen on TV.

If you’re wondering what a doctor of orthodontics thinks about Invisalign and similar products – Ask Dr. Tania.
“You only get one set of permanent teeth and if you believe they need to be straightened, you better do it right.”

Dr. Tania at Parkland Orthodontics offers Invisalign services as well as many types of braces. Finding out the right treatment is always in your best interest. We invite you to call us and schedule a free consultation to see what your best options are as well as cover pricing and the expected time from start to completion.

coral springs invisalign

Coral Springs Invisalign InformationInvisalign Information

Invisalign now has many more options to fit different situations and is a very comfortable solution that has long term lasting results for teens and adults. As a teen, these removable aligners have many benefits in your day to day life, from eating popcorn at the movies, to eating lunch with your friends and even sports where you may need a mouth guard.  The same goes for adults.  Invisalign blends with your life from dinners out, and business meetings to date night.

Maintaining your healthy smile is a lot easier with the removable aligners; brushing and flossing is just as easy as it was before. There are no wires or brackets in the way and when it is time to put them back on, they’re light and comfortable almost as if they are not even there.

You can learn more about our Coral Spring services here and more information about our Invisalign services here.

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