Why Parkland Orthodontics is the Best Orthodontics in Boca Raton, Florida

If you work or live in the Boca Raton, Florida area and are looking for an orthodontist – then look no further – Parkland Orthodontics is the best around.
With a new, state of the art orthodontic office, getting expert care and service from such a well-respected orthodontics practice such as Parkland Orthodontics has never been easier.

There are many benefits to choosing Parkland Orthodontics:
We offer a convenient location
Our office is located in the Waterways shopping center making it easy to drive to and from your appointments whether coming from the home, office or while out running errands. We have appointments convenient for you – and are available for you before or after your work or school and/or if its more convenient, you can have your appointment during your lunch break.

We live and breathe new Orthodontic Technology
One of the best things about Parkland Orthodontics is that we have stayed up to date on all current technology and trends in orthodontics. Dr. Tania offers all the latest technology in her office she holds the promise to all her patients that she will always remain current on important rends in her field.

We offer four types of orthodontic services for Boca Raton

  • Invisalign
  • Metal braces
  • Clear braces
  • Damon Braces

Dr. Tania believes in nothing but the best for her patients and from her first meeting with a new patient she will sit down and discuss the different types of services offered and what is best for the patient in terms of age, time and personal preference. This way, patients know they will find the best treatment for their individual situation and Dr. Tania will never offer you a cookie cutter solution. Choosing Parkland Orthodontics has never been easier.
We really care about you

Dr. Tania knows what a big difference a straighter smile can make in a person’s life. It makes a tremendous impact on self-confidence and encourages patients to practice proper oral hygiene.
Dr. Tania also understands that each person’s situation is different which is why she evaluates each patient individually, taking the time to create the best treatment plan for your particular needs.

Patients are often concerned with the cost for any orthodontic treatment. Dr. Tania doesn’t want any patient opting out of getting the perfect smile due to the cost. Dr. Tania believes in all the health benefits of a beautiful smile, and she and her staff will work personally with you to come up with an affordable plan.
Contact Parkland Orthodontics today and find out why we are the best orthodontist in the Boca Raton area.