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AcceleDent Parkland Coral Springs

Many patients come to our office and want their smile improved, but the thought of wearing braces for years makes them hesitant.  With the creation of AcceleDent Aura, our office now has the ability to speed up tooth movement, thus decreasing treatment time by 30-50%. The AcceleDent Aura is safe appliance that is simple to use while helping you to achieve your smile faster!

AcceleDent Aura has been cleared by the FDA since its introduction in 2009.  And, is available only by prescription by your orthodontist – and Parkland Orthodontics is excited to offer it!

Just 20 Minutes a Day

AcceleDent Aura is a lightweight, comfortable, and hands-free appliance that is used 20 minutes per day as a complement to orthodontics. The exclusive SoftPulse Technology’s® precisely-calibrated micro pulses gently accelerate the movement of your teeth.

Here’s How It Works

Patients bite gently on the mouthpiece for 20 minutes each day. They apply it right over their existing braces and aligners. The device emits a gentle pulsation to stimulate (and speed up) the movement of your teeth. The tiny vibrations are called “micro pulses” and make up AcceleDent’s unique SoftPulse Technology.® These micro pulses exert far less force than a power toothbrush.

Am I a Candidate for AcceleDent?

Patients who are already being treated with braces or Invisalign are great candidates. If you are thinking about getting a straighter smile but are unsure of which treatment is best, schedule a consultation with us at Parkland Orthodontics and we can help you decide if AcceleDent is right for you!

So now that you know there is a faster way to a straighter smile, what are you waiting for?!? Call our office today and let us help you get started!

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